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Thursday, February 16, 2012


The Creative Power Of God is individualized in every soul.

Please pray for Buddy and E, his generous owner. She has left Buddy with me until she finds a home that she can bring him to. Buddy is a huge rat, over 2 pounds. E rescued him from a Zamzow's feeder tank where his plight was a obviously going to be dinner for a snake. E has been afraid to hold him because he has bitten a few people, but she has faithfully cleaned his cage kept him fed and kept him housed in places where she is able to get him back when she's ready. Buddy has already come out of his cage for me and allowed me to pet him but runs like the wind I try to pick him up! He is too large to fit in the opening of even our largest rat wheel. So our prayer requests are as follows: that Buddy makes use of all the ramps and exercise areas we have installed for him, that he overcomes his shyness and allows himself to be held and played with and that E is comfortable reaching into his cage and picking him up.

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