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Friday, February 24, 2012

Update on Buddy

I won Buddy’s trust with ice cream after the last time I posted.  I used about 1 tablespoon of ice cream divided into 10 dabs.  When he smelled the ice cream he came out quickly.  After serving him nine of those little dabs, one at a time over a period of about three sessions, he accepted my picking him up.  I called and, no ice cream with me, he sat in front of me and waited.  He wiggled a little bit after I picked him up but there was no squeaking.  We watched ½ hour of TV together then I gave him the last               of the ice cream after I put him back, to reinforce our new relationship!
I realized his trust was firmly established when the following days he came out when called.  Occasionally he changes his position to be picked up by turning his back to me, but he only sits right in front of me very still until I pick him up.
One night I tried to take a shortcut for introducing him to a friend.  I had Weinstein on the sofa, scattered a lot of treats around and put Buddy there too, watching them carefully.  Weinstein stayed behind the blanket eating his treats.  Buddy ran back and forth up and down the sofa looking for Weinstein.  When he found him behind the blanket he gave him a phantom bite (which is a sign of annoyance).  I immediately put Weinstein back deciding that I will have to take the long slow way of introductions by starting with their cages side by side.  His owner will be over to help me with that on Saturday.
After I removed Weinstein, Buddy crawled in and out of my lap allowing himself to be petted and eating some treats.  It was very easy to pick him up and put him back.  He seems to look forward to his timeout with me and even knows when it’s his turn.
I was eventually able to take the caliper and measure his tumor.  My measurement was not perfect but it looks like around 50 mm in height.  The width is even longer.  The next day I was able to get my fingers around the tumor and it feels to me like it is attached.  Buddy’s body is about one 6th tumor.
Once I realized it was attached I added Carcinosin to his treatment.  This is a homeopathic treatment for cancer.  I have also considered prednisone, but with his weight would be concerned about his blood sugar.  Thank God for homeopathy.  I don’t know whether the spiritual intention of Buddy’s being here is for hospice care or for healing.  Either way I am very grateful to be a part of him getting to experience plenty of touch.  Increasingly everyday he seems to enjoy his head being rubbed more and more and occasionally allows me to stroke his back.  His climbing on my lap and putting his hands on my arms let me know he is enjoying the affection.  I’m blessed to be a part of his life.

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